Roeland runs these streets.


See this an invite to a street filled with life, an experience into a street like no other. I am speaking Roeland Street, just outside Cape Town’s central business district. It is only right that one is well aware of what they could be missing out on. Roeland is filled with variety, think of some..yes, you probably do find what you just thought about in Roeland. Schools, government buildings, restaurants and many other commercial shops. So basically there is nothing Roeland doesn’t offer, except a beach of course. It is also quite an easy street to find, even if you’re someone without a car then worry not because we have a local buses, MyCiti cuts right through it and we have the Sigh Seeing bus operating with a route that travels in Roeland. So making your way around and to Roeland shouldn’t be a hassle.


Starting from upper Roeland, making your from the N2 into Cape Town you’ll be greeted a the Cape Town Central Fire Station. It is hard not to notice the building as it takes up a large amount of space and of course, it is painted in a lively color and with red bricks which is another reason for its eye-grabbing ways. One can see the view of the famous Table Mountain right behind this building which makes it even more of a site to see. However, that is only the beginning of great things to see.

Cape Town Central Fire station in Roeland.

When you carry on your way down Roeland you’ll find academic buildings. The first one being the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Roeland Campus which you’ll find journalism, public relations and photography students. Also. there is a high school named Harold Cressy in the same and further down the street, there is Varsity College. This reflects Roeland as not only just a business street. This is a very youthful street due to these schooling premises and also the type of things that the street offers.

You don’t need to switch into another street just to grab something to eat, Roeland has a variety of eateries. If you wanna grab a quick muffin and some coffee on the run then you can easily make your way to Barista Cup Coffee. It is right next to the CPUT Roeland campus. Also, there is Vida e Caffe which offers such a great deal of eatery and beverages. If you go further down there is also a Chinese food restaurant called Franchise 9, it’s a great spot for those who are into sushi, prawns, etc.

Do you like adrenaline? Then I’m quite sure that the Mike Hopkins Motorcycles will interest you. Mike Hopkins Motorcycles is a stockist of Kawasaki and Triumph motorcycles and Sym scooters and its based in Cape Town, South Africa. With a rich heritage it has been in operation since 1978, offering the market over three decades of superior quality motorcycles, clothing, helmets and accessories, as well as quality repairs and services.

“I’ve been here for a while now and this is my third year on this street. It’s a pretty chilled street and it’s calming. Also, everything is here like me and my friends can go down the road to get something to eat and it’s not even far. Or, we just cross the road to get some snacks here at the Engen garage. I love it here man, main campus gets too much and Roeland is just so refreshing, if you get what I mean hahaha.”


St. Mary’s Cathedral, Roeland street.

St. Mary’s Cathedral, fully known as The Cathedral of St Mary of the Flight into Egypt is a Roman catholic church within the street. It has a beautiful, classic and tall building at lower Roeland. One can make their way to it, even if you won’t be attending it’s still a good sight to see. It is a tall beige-like structure with bits of red and it open to everyone.







Right down Roeland there is Parliarment, South Africa’s national key point. You will be greeted by a statue of P.W. Botha, who was president from 1978 to 1989 under the apartheid era. The statue is a reflection of South Africa’s history and for more information; people can visit the Iziko South African Museum in 25 Queen Victoria Street, right next to Parliament. As well as the Iziko Slave Lodge in Wale Street.

P.W. Botha statue facing Roeland
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