Robots: Humans, leave journalism to us.

The rise of machines in has been a revelation for many and machinery simplifies things, right? Yes! a 30-minute manual or humanized task would simply take machines half of that time maximum. This now applies in journalism, there is now something called automated journalism which is synonymous to robot journalism.

In a BBC article, Stephen Beckett states that robo-journalism is the process of automatically writing complete and complex news stories without any human intervention.

It is commonly used in sports reports and business reports.

Computer-oriented newsroom, a depiction of how much human journalist there’ll be in a newsroom.

One would quickly note the element of no human intervention. As much as we’re in a generation of modern technology and innovative electronics, we simply cannot overlook the human factor. The perks of robo-journalism is that these machines are much more efficient and they can work longer than what a human journalist would manage to. They save time and money to a certain extent. More stories are produced with less people to pay. They contain algorithms that produce stories with no journalists being in the field running around chasing a story. Software is programmed and it is of pure artificial intelligence, also meaning that they less likely to make errors in comparisons to humans. This type of journalism has reach in terms of they can secure stories out of human journalist’s reach, it’s easy to secure and report on international stories. With all this being said and done, the biggest advantage will be seen in the revenue of the companies that make use of it. Since we all have become aware that in this world we live in now it is all about money, so it’s quite likely for many to say robo-journalism is the future.

The downside of automated journalism is that it eliminates jobs for human journalists. Professionals with experience and who have studied journalism with qualifications in media are compromised. Reporting is computerized, so where is the human aspect and feel into the stories? The beauty of the craft is destroyed. The industry is being minimized, the more the robot journalism trend is encouraged and made use of then the workers in the industry are doomed. Another factor is that computers need to be maintained and serviced, software need updates regularly to be working at its potential best. Quite frankly that’s money, money that human journalists would not have cost you.

In conclusion; yes it is nice to move with the times and make use of the modern media. However the traditional way of gathering, verifying and disseminating information is where the beauty of the craft lies. It’s where readers can feel and see the passion behind their news and stories. After having a thorough look at robot journalism, one will see that it won’t be a great influence for journalism the future. As much it is more efficient than human but it does not have the qualities that humans can reflect in their reporting. Human journalism can be creative, intellectual and artistic. Basically I propose a vote of no confidence in robo-journalism because it’s just a way to generate more revenue for a small minority and will see the majority of journalists losing their jobs.

There will be no life and passion in newsroom, simply the sound of machines and air-cons.


2 thoughts on “Robots: Humans, leave journalism to us.

  1. Journalists won’t necessarily be losing their jobs to auto journalism. It’s all about they (human journalists) use the advantages and disadvantages of both types of journalism to their advantage. I like that you have stated your argument clearly with reasons though.

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